Bespoke Animal Portraits

Animal Portraits

Giuseppe Locurcio

I love animals, from the most innocent Chihuahua to the wildest tiger.
Animals are much more attached to life than humans – as Marguerite Yourcenar wrote – and like to enjoy the life they have, just as young children do. You can see that purity just by looking into their eyes, which is one of the reasons why I love portraying these amazing creatures. I partnered with Rhona to give animal lovers an opportunity to celebrate their affection for their best companion. For my animal portraits, I use a mix of airbrush and brush techniques on paper, cardboard, and wood in all sizes. If you would like a portrait of your best friend, feel free to contact us.

Aristodogs & Noblecats

Daniela Ria

The painter Daniela Ria from Milan, is well known for her precious series of dogs and cats portraits called Aristodogs & Noblecats. She reached the success in 1990 with her first important exhibition  hosted at the antiquarian art gallery “Il  Servo di Scena” in Milan, where she  exhibited  her paintings, emblematic of her passion for dogs and cats. From a photo she catches an expression, a proud glance, a peculiar pose, and then she transforms the subject into a true character, interpreting the personality of these animals and providing them with emotions and sensations from different historical periods. She surrounds the images with elegant light effects, picturesque landscapes or interior backdrops such as plush draperies, stately libraries, and other effects. The portraits are created using acrylics on canvases.